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A cold room door is a special type of closed room and a refrigerator designed to generate temperature as low as freezing point. Cold rooms are used to maintain those specific low temperatures for products like perishable items, food items, or pharma products such as vaccines and injections.

There are different varieties of doors in cold storage including Swinging Doors, Sliding Doors, Roll-up doors, Hinged doors, and Flip Flap Doors. You can find all these types of cold room doors at any cold room manufacturer. Also, consider several parameters while selecting a cold room door.

In this article, we will mainly discuss about the high speed roll up door for its features and advantages. Before delving into the main topic, let’s go through downside of traditional cold doors.   

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Drawbacks of traditional cold doors:

Traditional sliding doors are inefficient, and expensive to own due to some reasons. Firstly, cold chain is not followed because cold air escapes through cracks resulting into more energy bills and ice build-up and condensation. Products and equipments get more exposed to frost and ice with old style cold doors. Moreover, such doors need constant attention due to ice build-up around the door, ceiling, side guides, and door mechanics.

Advantages of high speed rollup doors:

In cold operations, when frequent material-handling operations are necessary, doors with slightly lower (sufficient) R-values and fast cycle times helps reduce air infiltration which offers more practical solution. And high speed roll up doors works the same way delivering immediate results and additional benefits. These doors also help in maintaining correct room pressures, proper air-circulation rates, and best possible operating efficiency.

  • High-speed doors perk up climate control and safety and thus act as the best solution for climate-controlled facilities. To save money, keep the products away from frost, and to protect equipments from condensation, an insulated high-speed door is the perfect fix for you.
  • These doors help in reducing operational costs as they are self-repairing and low-maintenance which drops the downtime to an absolute minimum.
  • With faster doors, materials-handling operators have less opportunity to run into the doors. Also, employees and forklift operators don’t spend much time waiting around that leads to enhanced productivity.
  • High-performance doors make use of an air-tight seal, an insulated curtain and smart open positions which all together minimizes air exchange and condensation. So, floors stay dry and ice build-up doesn’t happen.
  • An enhanced climate control leads to reduced energy costs.  
  • Employing high speed doors helps protect your products and equipment from frost damage.
  • Due to a tighter seal, high speed doors keep cold air in and warm whereas the moist air out.
  • Using these doors means no scraping ice off the ceiling and the door on a regular basis so only minimal attention is required.
  • Some high speed rollup doors consist of washdown capabilities and antimicrobial materials that make them well suited for use in food and pharmaceutical industries.
  • In food and pharma applications, which are two of the largest segments of cold operations, such doors also aid in retaining clean operations and food product integrity. They deal with food facility needs for environmental control, productivity and safety as well as cleanliness. In cleanroom applications, these doors are used to prevent cross-contamination.

Now, the special features of high-speed, roll-up doors:

  • Low-maintenance and easy to clean: These doors are built to hold up frequent washdowns and are easy to clean where disassembly is not required. Some doors are also self-repairing that reduces downtime.
  • More energy savings and increased productivity: High speed roll up doors provide superior climate control for freezer, cold room, and dual-climate applications. Tight seal makes it easy to shrink energy bill while enhancing product flow.


In this swiftly transforming market place, when your company needs a strategy to stay competitive, a high-speed roll up door is one of the best choices you can make whether you have a food processing plant, pharma services, distribution facility, or cold storage area.

At Padmashri Steel, being a renowned cold room door manufacturer  , from Pune, Goa India. We have seen our clients valuing roll-up doors’ functionality and the service provided by this door is just incredible.

We are there for all your requirements of cold storage doors whether you need it in the food, pharmaceuticals, electronic, or automobile industry. You can also contact us if you need any improvisation installing or replacing the doors of your temperature rooms, or workshops. Being a leading cold storage manufacturer and supplier, we assure you prompt and best services for all your industrial needs!

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