What are the different varieties of doors you must know in cold storage?


Keeping things cold while storing in the late 1800s was a tough challenge; without any refrigerator, ice was the primary cooling source and was used for years around. But, with the advancement of technology, cold storage doors have come up.

Doors have a variety and range of self-supporting metal panels with PIR and a web joint of construction with both positive or negative room temperatures for cold storage rooms. These panels are designed to provide a complete solution for the cold storage industry. 

Padmashri steel, leading manufacturing and supplier of cold storage doors, is engaged in offering a comprehensive range of cold storage doors. We have carved a niche amongst the most trusted names in our manufacturing industry and supplier of cold storage doors. 

Cold storage has become one of the vital components of many industries. But a cold storage door is a version of controlling positive temperature and low temperature with an overhead runway. Moreover, industries like food and pharma have an excellent use for cold storage doors but depending upon which type of industry is and which door is suitable, let us know about that in detail. 

In detail, let us understand more about the different types and ranges of cold storage doors.

  • Swinging Doors

Swinging Doors

Swinging doors are single and double-panel doors generally used for walk-ins where solid environmental control is required. Possibly larger swing doors allow large machinery or equipment to pass through easily. 

The door can be customized as per availability and requirement. The design considers both the accounts like door swing and travel clearances required while entering/exiting. We are experts in designing as a cold storage manufacturer in locations like Pune, Goa and Maharashtra, India. 

Generally, swinging doors are used for building applications, and it is cold storage doors that make them unique and attractive. It gets easy while installing, and the cost is also budget-friendly, supposedly lower price. 

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  • Sliding Doors
Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are an enclosure that hangs on the track of single or double sliding cold storage doors. Horizontal doors are designed for heavy-duty, high cycle applications where forklifts and other equipment are used.

The design wing is not factored for horizontal doors, but the adjacent wall area to the door needs to be. The wall area needs to be clean so the door can be smooth and work properly. It is highly recommended to use large doorways. 

  • Roll-up doors 
Roll-up doors 

Roll-up doors help to meet essential cold storage requirements, which use minimal energy, stable temperature, prevention of icing, and cold chain. The door is sealed with a high-speed freezer that keeps the room cold and hot air outside the room. 

Firstly, it saves energy with the help of a closed-door cycle. As a cold storage supplier, we have seen our clients appreciate roll-up doors’ functionality. The service provided by this door is incredible; not just this but the refrigerator’s efficiency is also fast and automatic depending on the storage of the room. 

The best use is in the industry like food, logistic services and many more. This type of door can be used where plenty of things need to be frozen at automatic temperature. 

  • Hinged Doors 
Hinged Doors

These are standard cold storage doors. Various lock alternatives are available that are suitable for mounting on panels and walls. There should be wing thickness and also passage measurements for installing these doors. 

Hinged doors are made up of aluminum or PVC frames, but coating alternatives are also replaced by polyester, PVC chrome, and metal steel. These doors are also called ‘right’ or ‘left’ depending on the hinges that open on the corresponding side. 

As a cold storage supplier, we recommend that these doors be readily installable and cost-friendly.

  • Flip Flap Doors 
Flip Flap Doors 

Flip flaps are semi-insulted that can open and close at a high-speed point between cold rooms and open when required. These are flexible doors. The food industry makes the maximum usage and follows to achieve maximum hygiene and safety. 

These flip flaps doors are not only accessible but also maintenance-free. The factors of these doors are highly attractive not only for the food industry but also for workshops, moist rooms, and many more.

Being maintenance-free and quality-oriented, the designs offer an option that is hard to beat. 

Summing up 

While ending up, we ensure that you have got some idea of cold storage doors and what varieties of cold storage doors are available at Padmashri steel

Suppose you are involved in an industry where there is a requirement of cold storage doors, for example, in the food, pharmaceuticals, electronic, or automobile industry. In that case, and are considering any improvisation installing or replacing the doors of your temperature rooms, workshops, or wherever, feel free to connect with us; we will be happy to serve you our best services as a leading cold storage manufacturer and supplier. 

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