Why should we use Sandwich PUF Wall Panels in Construction?



There are various construction sites currently active around us, and with the new construction trend coming up now and then, it becomes difficult to pick the right structure choice. In the part of the construction, be it related to building, room, or anything else, the process remains the same, i.e., walls and roofs. 

Years ago, mud, wood, bricks, and other materials were used for constructing walls and roofs. But now sandwich panels are becoming famous and used because they have many more benefits than before. Sandwich PUF wall panels are long-lasting, lightweight, easily transferable from one place to another, and much more to the list of benefits. 

Padmashri Steel is a leader in manufacturing sandwich PUF panels in Pune Maharashtra and Goa. They provide the best quality material and rate suitable for all sizes and shapes. 

The manufacturer guarantees that the panels have high energy savings and better material efficiency. 

These PUF panels have very low thermal conductivity and enable leak-proof enclosures, thus making the buildings highly energy-efficient and sustainable. These panels restrict heat quite well to enter on the other side of the walls. These PUF panels have meager maintenance costs and offer unmatched longevity. 

Reason to choose a sandwich panel 

  • Sandwich panels are highly insulated and built with ease for transportation.
  • They have created several designs ensuring a flexible mindset while choosing. 
  • It can be used under any weather conditions. 
  • The output of these sandwich panels is excellent. 
  • Sandwich panels can be used freely according to your convenience, be it on windows, gates, or anywhere. 

The sandwich panel offered by Padmashri Steel serves the following benefits: 

Benefits of sandwich PUF panels

Sandwich PUF panels involve a multi-layered metal structure enveloping the core insulating medium. It gives these panels better stability and impact protection while ensuring peak insulation against temperature and noise.

  • Higher strength and durability.

Panels are long-lasting and are easily transferable, and the ability of material used is long-lasting without any defect caused by various operating conditions. While the panel’s strength is commendable, it can easily hold mechanical pressure without any damage.

  • Peak thermal insulation and heat retention

Sandwich PUF panels are heat retention, protected from sunlight and heat. These panels make the atmosphere and surroundings cool during hot weather, leading to additional cost savings. It is preferable for industries and offices as it makes it comfortable for everyone. 

  • Ultimate corrosion resistance and rust protection

It is rust-protected and delays the protection of iron and steel objects, and it keeps metal away from moisture and prevents corrosion. The application used is anti-corrosion which protects from damage, further used for long-term processes. 

  • Best acoustic insulation and safe industrial utilization

It is safe and easier to install, and this turns into less hard work for laborers and adds to the savings. These panels are more extensive but more minor in weight, and this greatly benefits the manufacturing team as it solves their primary problem of overweighting products.

  • Better standards of sustainability as the panels are recyclable. 

These panels can be used again as it is recyclable. The producers voluntarily guide these panels for recycling, demonstrating their exemplary environmental practices. 

  • Reduces Noise Pollution

As these panels have a sandwich structure, PUF panels are good shields. They protect noise from entering inside the walls, and it becomes beneficial for buildings situated on the roadside where there is a lot of noise pollution.

  • Cost-effective 

The cost of sandwich panels is budget-friendly and not so expensive as traditional framing, and hence it is an excellent choice while constructing buildings.

Padmashri Steel are industry experts and have worked for years in the construction space. They produce guaranteed products that are durable. You can contact them for any PUF panel requirement for your construction site.

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Padmashri Steel is the leading manufacturer and supplier of sandwich PUF panels in Pune Maharashtra and Goa. By allowing leak-proof enclosures, the PUF panels help retain consistent indoor temperatures and thus allow better energy savings and greater overall sustainability in construction projects.


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