Polycarbonate Roofing Sheet: Everything You Should Know


We have been using polycarbonate sheets all around us, but the difference is that we don’t know what the name is. Let us understand more about polycarbonate sheets and why it is used.

As a naturally transparent amorphous thermoplastic, polycarbonate’s usefulness is in its ability to internally transmit light almost as effectively as glass and withstand impacts far more significant than many other commonly used plastics.

The liability of the material allows it to be created at room temperature without cracking or breaking, to be reformed even without the application of heat. Polycarbonate is now being used in various industries such as automobiles, electronics, eyewear, and roofing.

Now, let us understand more about polycarbonate roofs.

Polycarbonate roofing is majorly used in greenhouses, factories, swimming pool enclosures, skywalks, and many other things. It is used as a skylight in buildings as it is more lightweight and adds a good amount of natural light. Nowadays, it is used in stadiums, airports, and railways too.

Polycarbonate sheets have replaced glass and acrylic. These sheets are available in the market today in various properties and thicknesses, which are pretty durable compared to other things besides being resistant to wear and tear.

Padmashri steel is a leading polycarbonate roofing sheet manufacturer in Pune, Maharashtra & Goa India. We offer various benefits and features at the best rate.

For years, we have been engaged as a polycarbonate roofing sheet manufacturer.

Today polycarbonate sheet has many benefits that ensure their usability. However, some of its most important benefits are listed below.

Benefits of Polycarbonate Sheets

  • Easy to use

Polycarbonate is light and durable in weight, making it easy to use anywhere. Apart from this, no machinery is required to cut it, because any ordinary scissor can do the same.

  • Meager cost

The overall cost of purchasing Polycarbonate Sheets & their transport is low. You might think how transport cost is low?

The primary reason is its lightweight, and it is easy to transport Polycarbonate Sheets.

  • Versatility

Polycarbonate is more robust and flexible; it is used to design anything creatively, like shaping it in glass-like shapes. It also maintains its shape, color, and transparency for longer years. It is a long-term investment that lasts for 30-40 years.

  • Sound blocking

The most significant advantage of polycarbonate is that it plays the most prominent role in blocking the sound, making it the most popular material in the sound jamming area. It is used mainly in places like cabins.

  • Sun resistance

Polycarbonate has excellent protection against UV rays as one side of the sheet is protected with a UV layer; thus, it blocks the sun’s heat and creates

a calm environment indoors. This helps in greenhouses buildings as it cuts down harmful UV radiations from the sun.


We have provided information about the essential benefits of Polycarbonate Sheets. However, according to our industry experts, the use of Polycarbonate Sheets is increasing day by day because of its versatility.

The sheets are helpful in all seasons and have greater overall sustainability in construction projects.

We are industry experts and have worked for years in the construction space. We produce guaranteed products that are durable. You can contact us for any polycarbonate roofing sheets requirements.

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