Things to Consider – How to Choose Cold Room Door?


Are you unsure about things to consider before choosing a cold room door?

Well, you have landed at the right place.

At Padmashri steel (a cold room door manufacturer, cold room door supplier, and retailer), we guide you and make things simpler for you. Let us understand what a cold room door is.

A cold room door is a closed room and a type of refrigerator specially to generate temperature as low as freezing point. Majorly cold rooms are used to maintain relative temperatures for products like perishable items, food items, or pharma products such as vaccines and injections, which are kept under specific temperatures.

Further, let us look at how to select a cold room door.

Parameters to keep in mind while selecting a cold room door

  • Environmental factor

It is a significant factor as product quality depends entirely on the temperature.

For example, Food is entirely dependent and alerted to environmental control. As soon as it is lost, it is highly likely to change into bad condition, so it needs to be stored in a cold room to maintain quality.

The type of temperature range of the door is also considered one of the critical factors. It does have a minimum temperature and a maximum temperature. The door type depends upon the environment, maintaining the capacity it carries away.

  • Efficiency factor

The level of efficiency each door has is not the same. And choosing the right door can make a vast difference concerning improving the energy and efficiency level.

For example, a fast-operating door will help the products move quickly, reducing the door opening time and adding a difference in temperature holding. Thus, an expert person needs to take a proper analysis of energy and efficiency while choosing the door.

  • The industry you work in

Padmashri steel in Pune Maharashtra India, a leading cold room door manufacturer, deals with various industries, and the results observed so far are the best. We regularly work in the following sectors.

  • Pharmaceuticals.
  • Medical devices
  • Electronics
  • Automobiles
  • Food and nutraceutical food ingredients.

These are the top industries where we supply cold room doors.

  • Safety factor

Safety is our topmost priority. Increased safety in such busy facilities is at the core of any cold storage facility. From avoiding slippery floors to an optimal temperature, the selection of doors plays a very important role.

Here, for safety purposes, our manufacturing experts advise you to go for high-speed doors that include various benefits such as high alarms, LED lights, photo eyes, light curtains, safety reversing edges, and many more.

  • Design factor

Many designs are available at Padmashri steel, and choosing the correct door activation depends upon room layout. Door is capable of providing room for forklifts or pallet trucks to maneuver. In some cases, sliding doors are of more use with better features.

Each door serves with positive and negative room temperature depending on usage and depends on the number of times the door is getting opened. In design, it is better to consult an expert at any cold room door manufacturing company as they are experts and have the knowledge to help you with the best solution.


While summing up, we are sure that you have got a little idea of how to choose any cold room door and frankly, it is not difficult.

Talking about us, we offer a wide range of features indoors, such as manual, semi-automatic, and very convenient and fully automatic doors. Also, we provide the scope of customization.

Also, you can think about – Fire-rated doors, emergency sliding doors, rollup doors, and overhead doors are for emergency purposes.

With an entire team of industry experts having years of experience, deliver quality results at the best rates. The products are manufactured keeping proper hygiene, and we ensure long life and durability, resistance to most oils, chemicals, and solvents, fire resistance, and great load-bearing capacity.

Without any hesitation, contact us for cold room door requirements. We will be happy to serve you.

For any inquires connect with our experts at

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