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We have been hearing this notion for a while now that everything is moving online, isn’t it? But, when it comes to real estate, there are several activities which consumers still believe in continuing offline. Of which, rent agreement is one of the activities.

Do you know that such agreements are now easy to create online? Just sitting in your comfort at home, and in a few clicks, you can make agreements. It saves your energy creating it offline, and most importantly, it saves your most valuable time.

Hence, let’s learn how an online rent agreement is better and more beneficial. However, before we know the benefits, let us see some criticalities you can easily avoid if creating it online.

Critical issues that are solved if a rent agreement is created online

  • None of your tenants can rent the property further.
  • Your landlord cannot increase your rent without any prior notice.
  • None of your tenants can use your household property for setting up their business.
  • You can avoid a situation where your landlord is not refunding your deposit.
  • None of your tenants can damage the property.

And lots more can be added to the list.

Benefits of Online Rent Agreement

  • Convenience is at the top with the online rent agreement.

We know that we are tired of waiting in long queues and going from one table to the next to get the rent agreement created. But with the latest development of online rent agreements, consumers can avoid wasting their time in queues. Additionally, all these agreements are delivered to your doorstep. Hence, the convenience level is at the top when you plan to create such agreements online.

  • Save your money with an online agreement.

Many of us think about money, even when we lose time with offline agreements. Many consumers prefer traveling kilometers if they can save some money. But what if we say that online agreements can save your time as well as money?

  • Firstly, online portals providing rent agreements take very little time to save all your details, and this saves your time.
  • Secondly, you save the add-on cost you need to invest while traveling.
  • Safety of receiving your agreements to your doorstep

City life is full of hassle, and no one can deny it. We are bound to consume our time & money while we travel to create the rental agreements. Additionally, we are subject to many safety issues like social distancing, pollution, infections, etc.

However, considering the safety of individuals, rental agreements delivered to the doorstep are best. Just you need to enter some details, at your convenience, and the agreements are delivered.

  • 24*7 customer care (Time may vary depending on the service provider)

There are several queries a customer faces specific to details to be entered, how the details are used, when the agreement will be delivered, etc. Service providers, to answer these queries, build customer support centers.

Hence, if you come across any questions, you can directly connect with customer support at any point in time. Even the smallest of the doubts get cleared with 24*7 customer support facilities provided by the service providers.

Concluding it

When you have hassle-free online services, it makes no sense to waste your time and money creating rental agreements offline. Rest, the benefits of creating rent agreements online are listed here. You are the best ones to decide the process you want to adopt.

Some of the frequently asked questions

  • Can we make a rental agreement online?

After selecting the best rental agreement service provider, one can create a rental agreement online. It is hassle-free, and the agreements are delivered to the doorstep.

  • Is the online rent agreement safe?

The Information Technology Act of 2008 and Uncitral Model Law on Electronic Signatures 2001 govern electronic signatures by law. Hence, it is safe to prepare your rental agreements online.

  • Is the online rent agreement valid in India?

Yes, the online rent agreement is valid in India. Select the service provider, enter the required details, and create your rental agreement online.

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