Why Food Industry Needs an Efficient Cold Storage Infrastructure?


As the Indian food industry is taking steps towards being an active participant to become self-reliant, cold storage is becoming the key driver. Even the Government is developing a number of schemes to improve the cold storage infrastructure for the growth of agriculture, food, and pharma industries.

The food processing industry is one of the leading sectors in India for the production, consumption, growth, and export. And for keeping up this scale of food production and processing, the cold storage acts as the backbone. So, you must look up for the best cold room manufacture who can work effectively for your cold storage needs.

A better cold storage infrastructure can always avoid the wastage of tons of food from farms to processing units, and delivery. An efficient cold chain infrastructure comprises of temperature-controlled storage space, transportation, competent and trained service staff with efficient management procedures.

Types of cold storages:

Based on different requirements, there are two types of cold storages available in the market namely Active Cold stores and Passive Cold stores. Active cold stores are required for the products that are used on daily routines such as ice-cream, frozen foods, etc. They have dynamic storage applications where different temperature zones are created within the same warehouse for storing variety of products at different temperatures.

On the other hand, Passive cold storage is required for perishable goods that need to be stored for a long-term period such as storage of seeds, onion, potato etc.

The significance of an efficient cold storage:

The agriculture industry loses a substantial amount of produce every year due to several factors. The lack of an efficient cold chain infrastructure is one of the key reasons for the food waste which implies that just having cold storage is not sufficient. A resourceful or efficient cold storage infrastructure includes refrigerated transport, collection centers, pack houses, and cold storage.

A state-of-the-art and efficient cold storage system allows customers to store food items even at altering loads and guarantee high-quality food safety and least food loss from farm to consumer.

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Physical loss of food also causes wastage of associated inputs like water, fertilizers, and electricity. It also increases greenhouse emissions that add to climate change. Moreover, profit margins of farmers also reduce when perishability of their produce increases. With a precise cold chain infrastructure it will become possible to decrease food loss, build a positive ecological impact, and enhance farmers’ incomes.

An efficient cold chain mechanism offsets the delicate nature of food and extends its saleable life cycle. By applying proper technology, it extends the workable time of a perishable product for a longer duration.

By using cold chain network or grid, production centers can be linked to the consumption which can connect key production areas with centralized distribution channels. This allows delivery of the produce in the best quality and quantity till last mile. With the proper knowledge of market and the harvesting time, the producers can complete the demand and achieve a higher share with reduced loss. Also, farmers or owners of the produce can get to newer markets to grasp better economic value to boost their incomes and incentivize higher agricultural production.

Some of the emerging solutions:

  • Multi-purpose Cold Storages: Multi-purpose cold storage facilities are very useful for storing products such as fruits, vegetables, spices, dry fruits, pulses, and milk which can be stored throughout the year. In this system, separate chambers function at various temperatures which are maintained simultaneously. This facility is cost effective and also saves space that brings higher profitability. Currently multi-purpose cold storages are utilized at very low scale in India as compared to the single commodity storages. However, this number is improving gradually due to fast urbanization, expansion of organized trade and surge in food processing business.

Similarly, Controlled Atmosphere Storage and Electronic Controllers are a few other new approaches that can be employed to make cold chain infrastructure efficient.

Final words

The cold chain acts as a crucial component of our society’s food delivery system and therefore its sustainability is an inevitable topic if looked at the growing global population and current landscape of food insecurity. Also, adopting demonstrated technology solutions for an efficient cold storage infrastructure will be helpful to accomplish the goals to enhance overall agricultural output and revenues.

With the progress of private integrated companies with Government bodies, it is now possible to improve current fresh produce inventory management. Not to mention, setting up a multi-product storage facility is a rising business opportunity in India.

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